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Reebok Is Using COVID-19 Nurses To Model Its Wonder Woman Collection

Some superheroes wear purple scrubs and gold metallic sneakers.

True heroes don’t have superpowers. They are ordinary people who do extraordinary things to help others in the world.

Reebok recently released a line of shoes and apparel inspired by the upcoming movie, “Wonder Woman 1984,” and the company embraced that idea in promoting it. When deciding on ways to promote the Reebok X Wonder Woman 1984 collection, its marketing department highlighted health care workers who are fighting COVID-19.

A new promotional video from Reebok features six incredible women from Boston who have helped treat countless patients suffering from the coronavirus. Included in the video are emergency room nurses Kathryn D’Innocenzo and Solange Rosa, registered nurses Cassie May and Suki Stiles and nurse practitioners Taylor Meyer and Vilma Pachecho.

You can see Pacheco’s powerful pose in this Instagram post from Reebok.