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13 Real-Life Craft Rooms That Will Totally Inspire You To Revamp Yours

These are clever ideas!

A messy environment might be a sign of creativity, but clutter can be distracting, which can, in turn, lead to unproductivity. A tidy, inviting craft room, on the other hand, can motivate you to create your most impressive handiwork yet.

Check out some colorful, charming, coordinated craft rooms that could be the inspiration you need to overhaul and organize your own.

1. Keep Materials Out In The Open

When you can see and touch your art supplies, you might be more motivated to use them. However, your tools don’t have to be in messy piles or spread out around the room. Folding fabric and placing it in neat piles on shelves, such as quilter and Instagrammer @lima_bean_loves did, can remind you of the materials you have available.

2. Arrange Upward

Your walls can be a wonderful place to store tools and other supplies. Hidden Ridge Designs picked up attractive pegboard from Ikea. She uses it to hang everything from Cricut tools and glitter to Mod Podge and glue.

3. Include Comfort

A relaxing and cozy seating area can make a craft room more welcoming. Micaela Ferrero has a cushioned bay window, but you can find other ways to create comfort. Think large chairs with soft throws, oversized floor pillows or even a couple of bean bags.

4. Don’t Forget To Decorate

Choose decor that encourages you to be creative. Wall art with meaningful words or phrases, such as those used in @confetti_paperie’s craft room, are pretty and powerful. It’s even better if you craft them yourself!

5. Keep Essentials At The Ready

Nothing kills creativity more quickly than trying to remember where you left your glue gun. Think about the tools and materials you use most frequently. Find an attractive and convenient way to have them on hand whenever you need them. Gina Love of @acraftybeenamedgee put this organizer together with pieces from the dollar store.

6. Think Outside The (Storage) Box

Bottles, jars and other see-through storage containers are highly inspirational. Not only do they give you a glimpse of the materials you have handy, but they can also give those objects a whimsical appeal that boosts creativity. Katie Sabin of Just Add Sunshine made this section of her craft room look like a candy store.

7. Make It Your Own

Jars, bins and other traditional organizers are valuable tools, but you can use anything that speaks to you. These vintage muffin tins used to separate old baubles proved perfect for @upcycledworks, who repurposes and redesigns old jewelry. Look around at what you already own and consider new ways to use those items.

8. Color Code Craft Components

When you determine where materials should go and how you’ll store them, take a little more time to sort them by color, such as Meka of @yespleaseplanning did with a drawer of washi tape. When you have a project in mind, picking the perfect items will be simpler. Also, doing so can help you determine whether you’re running low or are overstocked on certain colors or patterns.