This Brother-And-Sister Internet Sensation Will Make You Want To Get Up And Dance

If you haven’t heard of the talented brother-and-sister duo Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle, be prepared to spend the next several hours binge-watching their highly entertaining YouTube videos. Hailing from the Philippines, Ranz and Niana are social media entertainers known for their awe-inspiring dance moves and for being the epitome of #SiblingGoals.

Ranz, who’s nine years older than his little sister, launched his YouTube channel in 2008 after being inspired by the electric Jabbawokeez group. While shooting, editing, producing and performing all on his own, he quickly rose to fame once he started posting choreographed dance videos to hit songs on his channel. Fast forward to today: He has over 3.2 million YouTube subscribers and 4.2 million followers on Facebook.

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While Ranz and Niana have been posting dance videos for some time, this past summer, Niana’s love for Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit song, “Despacito” (featuring Justin Bieber), won over adoring fans from around the world. When “Despacito” starts playing, Niana is all of us—because let’s be honest: Who can resist that absurdly catchy beat?

In this viral YouTube video, which has received over 18 million hits to date, Niana is seen busting whenever and wherever Ranz plays the song. Whether that be at the supermarket, in an elevator or even while slurping ramen. Once he hollers, “Hit that ‘Despacito,’ Niana!” she immediately switches gears, dancing as if she were live on “Dancing with the Stars.” As the professional dancer, of course.

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Now for the stats. The duo has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram and 4.8 million likes on Facebook, where they frequently post their latest dance videos. Niana herself has over 6 million likes on Facebook and 1.3 million subscribers on her own YouTube channel. She also has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, while Ranz has 1.7 million on his Instagram.

These two will definitely make you want to get up and dance, and they’ll probably make you cherish your siblings a little more as well. Whether they’re dancing to the hottest club banger, pranking one another or posting hilarious skits on YouTube, the love they have for each other is real.