This Adorable Puppy Is Being Trained To Comfort Grieving Families At A Funeral Home

This is a wonderful idea.

Funeral homes are often painful places where we experience our deepest grief as we wish goodbye to loved ones. But today, many funeral directors are seeking to ease the pain of mourners by enlisting the help of therapy dogs.

These special therapy dogs are uniquely trained to offer emotional support to those who are grieving, and their presence at funeral homes across the country has already brought comfort and solace to so many people. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) does not have an exact number of funeral dogs, but they say the number has increased in recent years.

Mochi is one such dog. The Bernese mountain dog pup is being trained to serve as a “grief dog” for patrons of the Macon Funeral Home in Franklin, North Carolina. Here’s a picture of her, posted to Instagram by owner Tori McKay at @thisoldchickencoop.