This Pug Started Wearing Socks And It Changed Her Life

Sometimes a pup just needs some socks.

They say that attitude is everything, right? Well, when 14-year-old pug Leia started to wear socks, her attitude completely changed.

“She went from being fairly immobile and fearful to walk across the floor to trundling around with a lot of confidence just by putting on her socks,” owner Niki Geroni-Lajoie told The Dodo. “She helps put them on. She knows they help her.”

Adorable, yes? But why the socks? Last fall, her owner replaced the carpeting with wood flooring, which caused Leia to slip and slide a lot, according to Bored Panda. “I was worried she was going to sprain something, being so old and wobbly already,” said Geroni-Lajoie.

She does seem to appreciate them, as you can see on her owner’s Facebook page!

Can she be any cuter?!

“She will stand on the living room rug and bark for me or cry, trying to get around if the socks aren’t on,” Geroni-Lajoie said. “She runs around and you can tell she’s really happy and waggy.”

We love it.

Leia came from the Under My Wing Pug Rescue shelter, where Geroni-Lajoie adopted Leia and her brother two years ago. Sadly, her brother has since died, but Leia has fellow rescue dogs to keep her company at home. And she sure seems to love showing off her latest socks.

In case you missed it, aside from being energetic and docile, pugs are also sociable. Pugs will get stressed out if you leave them alone too long, and they crave being social. Some also crave socks, as we’ve now learned.

And Leia doesn’t just wear socks.

Awww, we all miss Carrie Fisher, even Leia.

You can check out more of Leia on the Peachy Keen Pets Facebook page, as well as lots of cute other dogs. The page specializes in unique pet accessories and apparel that is handmade, vegan and made to order.

[h/t: The Dodo]

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