Pug Races Are Super Popular In Germany And They’re Adorable

We want in on this racing action!

The lovable pug definitely isn’t a dog breed known for agility and speed, but one European country is determined to change that. Clubs across Germany have been promoting pug racing, with a view to giving the low-energy breed a more athletic reputation.

One race was recently held in Hamburg on Sept. 14 at the Norddeutcher Windhund-Rennverein (N.W.R.) greyhound racetrack.

Another organization just ended its last race after a 10-year run. The International Pug Meeting’s race started in the capital, Berlin, a decade ago and was the brainchild of husband-and-wife breeders Thomas and Beate Zupan. Pugs from across Europe took part in a 50-meter race, with high-speed cameras installed at the finish line to ensure a pug who won by a snout was crowned the rightful champion. Prizes were awarded for second, third and last place — sending the message to all pug participants that it really is all about taking part.

This Instagram video from @grumpyhenrythepug in 2016 showcases one contestant in that year’s race: