These Private Islands Are For Sale For Less Than $200,000, So Have Your Credit Cards Handy

I bet you never thought your vacation plans would include jetting off to your very own private island. But think again. There are a number of islands currently on the market for less than $200,000.

Now, some of these islands aren’t in an exotic location like Bora Bora, but you’d still be the owner of your very own island.

Check out some of the most affordable options as listed on the Private Islands Online website, and you may become a private island owner after all. I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of that!

1. La Cornelia Island, Nicaragua

In case you hadn’t heard, Nicaragua is poised to be the next Costa Rica (aka, the next Central American hot spot). For just $90,000, you can own your own one-acre island there. Get more info here.

Private Islands Online

2. Hangover Island, Florida

Located on the St. Martin’s river an hour from Tampa and two hours from Orlando, you can watch manatee swim by as you sit on your front porch. This view is going for the price of $120,000. Get more info here.

Private Islands Online

3. Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia

For $69,955 you could own 11.6 acres of gorgeous Canadian land. This area is quite suitable for summer camping and fishing trips with friends and family. Ahh, doesn’t that sound nice? Get more info here.

Private Islands Online

4. Fisherman’s Point Island, Michigan

This is two acres of your own island near the Canadian border, and it comes at the price of $175,000. Just look at that view. Get more info here.

Private Islands Online

5. Ram Island, Maine

This 16-acre island off the coast of Maine offers a mile of coastline to explore. Make it your own to the tune of $200,000. Get more info here.

Private Islands Online

6. Lizzies Cove, British Columbia

Lizzies Cove contains over 6 acres of beautiful forests, making it the perfect retreat. It’s also great whale watching location.  The island can be yours for $193,000. More details here.


7. Cockroach Bay, Belize

This Caribbean island has over 500 feet of pristine beach and is just a few hundred feet from the Great Barrier Reef.  The asking price is $199,00.  More details here.



There’s plenty more where this came from. So, head on over to Private Islands Online to find your home away from home now.

[h/t: TIME]