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These Pretzel Log Cabins Are A Savory Twist On Gingerbread Houses

What a sweet (and salty!) idea.

Gingerbread houses are an iconic part of the holiday season. But let’s be real: Making them isn’t always fun. The walls are always caving in, the candy balls keep rolling away, and the icing shingles wind up looking like a gloopy, dripping mess.

Well, fret no more, friends. You can build a holiday house out of candy without losing your cool. Enter the pretzel log cabin! Made out of pretzel logs, this is a sturdy alternative to the gingerbread house, making it perfect for kids’ little hands (and for adults with uncrafty hands). Plus, it’s got that all-American flair as log cabins are as patriotic as Abraham Lincoln himself.

You just need a few basics to get started: pretzel rods, graham crackers (or a similar flat, sturdy cracker), icing and various other add-ons (sprinkles, hard peppermint candy, tiny pretzel sticks, gumdrops, you name it). Then you’ll be ready to personalize your very own. MyRecipes has a full tutorial on how to make one.

Instagram has some amazing examples of pretzel log cabins that’ll spark ideas for your own.

Instagrammer @amynicholemilne created hers with a Seattle Seahawks theme. We’re loving the shredded wheat cereal she used on the roof. How clever!