Pixar Debuted Its First Gay Main Character

Way to go, Pixar!

Not since 2018’s “Bao” has a Pixar animated short caused such a stir, and in the case of “Out,” the more attention it gets, the better. The 9-minute film, released May 22 through the Disney+ SparkShorts series, tells the story of Greg, who moves in with his boyfriend, Manuel. Things get complicated when Greg’s parents arrive at his doorstep to lend a hand — they don’t know Greg is gay.

Luckily, a couple of magical pets — a dog and a cat who arrive on a rainbow — have a solution. With their help, Greg switches bodies with his dog, Jim. Then, in his new canine form, he tries to hide all evidence of his relationship from his mom. Ultimately, this proves to Greg that he has nothing to worry about, and teaches him the importance of being true to himself.