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Pillsbury’s New Refrigerated Cookie Doughs Are Safe To Eat Raw

Don't mind if we do!

It’s confession time, everyone. How many of us enjoy a bite (or two) of raw dough when we’re mixing up some of our favorite cookies? In case you can’t see, I’m raising my hand behind my keyboard here.

Sure, we all know we shouldn’t eat the raw dough because it’s not safe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has guidelines about avoiding raw cookie dough consumption, and most cookie recipes don’t qualify as safe. But, like other companies in on the edible dough trend, Pillsbury knows how strong that temptation to lick the spoon is and has come up with a safe-to-eat solution to our pre-cooked dough problem.

The baked goods company is changing the formula for its popular ready-to-bake cookies so they’re safe to eat raw. How will you know which flavors have made the switch? It says so right on the package, as Instagrammer @candyhunting showed when stumbling upon a new, limited-edition flavor: strawberry cheesecake!