This Photo Of A Cop Comforting A Child At The Hospital Will Make Your Day

Duty called to one Savannah-Chatham police officer when he saw a toddler crying at a hospital. The boy had been brought into the hospital when he was found wandering around without supervision.

Officer James Hurst was one of the officers dispatched to bring the child in for medical attention, and after doing so he noticed the child crying while getting examined. So, he asked if he could comfort the child for a little while.

Hurst is not only a police officer, but he’s also a father, according to ABC 7 News, so he was only doing what felt natural to him. A photo of him with the little boy in his arms went viral after being posted to the police department’s Facebook page.

After a few minutes in the officer’s arms the little boy had been soothed to sleep, but Hurst stayed with him for two hours, according to the Huffington Post.

Not only was this just a simple act of “humanity” and kindness, according to Hurst, it was also a part of his job.

“This job is so much more than catching bad guys,” the officer said in a press release. “We do what we need to do for the citizens. All the officers I work with … would do the exact same thing.”

This sweet moment may be all in a day’s work for Hurst, but it has touched the hearts of many. The child is now safe and in good condition the press release states, and I’m sure we’re all immensely grateful to the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department and the hospital staff for that.

[h/t: Huffington Post]

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.