People Are Recreating Famous Artwork With Household Items And The Results Are So Much Fun

People are getting very creative while they're stuck at home!

As states across the country are under stay-at-home orders to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, our options for entertainment and cultural enrichment have dwindled. Although public places like museums are closed, people have found some ingenious ways to bring artwork into their lives.

The Instagram account @tussenkunstenquarantine, which translates to “between art and quarantine” in Dutch, features clever people who have re-created famous works of art using only items in their homes, and the results are pretty hilarious. In some cases, they’re also quite spot-on!

The account’s bio section explains how to participate:

“For everyone at home who needs some relief. Some homemade art.

  1. Pick your artwork
  2. Use 3 items in your home
  3. Share @tussenkunstenquarantine.”

Sounds easy enough!

Toilet paper is in short supply these days, but @thequeenofcups looks like she had plenty at home, judging by her costume to replicate this painting by French artist Edgar Degas: