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People Are Making BLTs With Strawberries Instead Of Tomatoes And We’re Strangely Intrigued

Yay or nay?

If you’ve hit that midday slump and are feeling hangry, you could do worse than the classic BLT. There’s the lightly toasted Italian bread slathered in mayo. The crisp leaves of lettuce. The juicy slices of tomato. And, most important of all, there’s the bacon, pan-fried to that perfect level of both crispy and chewy, which gives the sandwich it’s addictive salty, savory taste. (My stomach just straight-up growled while typing that sentence.)

But what if you don’t like tomatoes? Sure, it may seem impossible to have a BLT without the T. But some maniacs have suggested that there are other options.

Over at Food52, for example, they’re floating the idea of a BLT that contains strawberries instead of tomatoes! Gasp!