People Are Now Getting Embroidery Tattoos, And They Look Pretty Cool

What do you think of these?

While tattoos are, technically, a type of needlework, they’re a world apart from the textile-based crafts that come to mind when we hear the word. Lately, however, tattoo artistry and embroidery have overlapped in a major way, at least according to Instagram.

The big tattoo trend of the moment is the embroidery tattoo, which creates an amazing 3D effect of texture on the skin, so vivid it seems like you’d be able to feel the silky, raised threads under your fingers. Check out these cool embroidery tattoos — your grandma might even like them.

A Hit On Instagram

One of the most eye-catching embroidery tattoo designs doing the rounds on social media is the work of Rogelio Vazquez, a tattoo artist located in Dallas. Vazquez, who called this multicolored bird creation his “favorite tattoo,” also posted a 180-degree video of the design, which has almost 10,000 likes on Instagram and which has prompted comments like, “this is insanely beautiful.”