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People Are Loving This Shiny New Mermaid Cup At Starbucks

Ooh, we're going to have to make a coffee run!

Need a little more magic in your life? Look no further than the new mermaid tumbler from Starbucks. The venti-sized tumbler has an iridescent and shiny design that resembles mermaid scales and comes complete with the brand’s mermaid logo in the center.

Ideal for keeping iced drinks cold, the insulated tumbler is a must for anyone who loves the fantastic creatures from folklore. Reports say that these whimsical cups are flying off store shelves quickly, so it may be difficult to track one down.

Instagrammer @savyfinds was able to find one at their local Starbucks for $16.95, but notes that it was the only mermaid tumbler in stock at that store: