People Are Comparing Zac Efron’s New Hairstyle To A Panini

Zac Efron has people talking about his appearance and, for once, it has nothing to do with his abs.

For a role in an upcoming movie, “The Beach Bum,” the heartthrob sports a trashy blonde bouffant hairdo with a striped beard that many people think looks like the grill marks on a panini sandwich. And in fact, the director of the movie confirmed that’s exactly the look they were going for.

“I just stared at a panini,” said director Harmony Korine at a screening of the film at SXSW, a quirky tidbit that people like Twitter user @lleibowitzz were delighted to share across social media:

“The Beach Bum” will open in theaters on March 29 with an all-star cast. In addition to Efron, the movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Jonah Hill and Martin Lawrence. Jimmy Buffett also makes a cameo appearance as himself.

The film revolves around McConaughey’s character, Moondog, a nihilistic writer-turned-stoner who returns home to Miami and his estranged wife and family in order to give his daughter away at her wedding. According to Rolling Stone, Efron is a “rehab-facility resident who apparently took tonsorial-design tips from MC Escher.” Fisher plays McConaughey’s super-rich wife, while Snoop Dogg is a “character who deserves to have his own buddy comedy with McConaughey.”

Take a look at the trailer for the comedy below:

Thankfully for Efron and anyone who doesn’t want to feel hungry when they look at him, he doesn’t seem to have kept the panini beard in real life. Although he does appear to like the bleached blonde look. His latest Instagram post shows the actor with white blonde hair on top and closely shaved sides, although it’s not as large or as yellow-blonde as his hair seemingly is in the movie.

What do you think of Efron’s latest hairstyle? Will you see “The Beach Bum”?