Some Parents Don’t Want Their Kids Watching These Classic Disney Movies

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Most people see Disney movies as the pinnacle of family entertainment. With titles such as “Cinderella,” “The Lion King,” and “Toy Story” as just a few of the legendary chapters in Disney’s immense film library, it’s hard to imagine a better source of a good, clean night of family fun.

However, thanks to services like Disney+ and Netflix making much of the studio’s library easily available, parents are now getting the chance to revisit some of Disney’s classics for the first time in decades — and they’re having mixed results. According to a study commissioned by OnBuy.com, some parents are seeing those old films with a more critical eye.

The study had parents in England share thoughts on 10 specific Disney movies and share two opinions. It first asked them if the movies’ themes were appropriate for their kids and, second, if they would allow their children to watch the movie. It turns out that some of Disney’s older movies approach certain subjects and characters in ways that don’t always connect well with the attitudes of modern society.

Rear view of family watching tv in living room
Rear view of family watching tv in living room