This Woman Names OPI Nail Polish Shades For A Living

Nail polishes always have the cutest names. Of course, they’re never just “red” or “pink.” Some of the most iconic OPI shades include Tiramisu for Two (a classic nude), Lincoln Park After Dark (a dark purple) and Mod About You (a perfect pink). Did you ever wonder who comes up with these clever names? It turns out that naming nail polish shades is actually someone’s full-time job.

Yes, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is known as the “First Lady of Nails,” and as co-founder and brand ambassador of OPI, she has the awesome responsibility of naming all of the popular brand’s polishes.

opi nail polish photo
Flickr | intoruth

Since the nail polishes debuted in 1989, Weiss-Fischmann has named every single color in the brand’s collection thus far, she told Elite Daily.

But there’s more to the job that meets the eye. Weiss-Fischmann also acts as the company’s art director, which means she creates the nail polish shades as well. She is always on the lookout for trends and new sources of inspiration, which include food, celebrities, movies and music.

It sounds too good to be true, but she’s living the dream!


Weiss-Fischmann’s own go-to polish shade is Big Apple Red, which is one of the brand’s top-selling products.

When it comes to her favorite name of a shade, that’s a different story.

“I love polishes with names that tell a story,” she told Cosmopolitan. “In 2006, we had the OPI Mexican collection color, and My Chihuahua Bites! — a bright orange polish that earned its name because the weekend before, I was bit by a chihuahua. Ouch! Not the best story, but a great name and polish certainly came out of it.”

What a cool job!

[H/t Elite Daily]