*NSYNC Received A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

It may have been years since *NSYNC reunited to perform new music together, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been forgotten. The former boy band members came together on April 30 to celebrate a very special moment — getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Seeing them together again is almost too much for our hearts to take!

Ellen DeGeneres honored the group by speaking before they took the stage individually to thank their supporters.

“They stole the hearts of teenage girls everywhere and some curious boys,” she said. “There is a reason you’re being honored today — your music is a soundtrack to a generation.”

DeGeneres couldn’t be more spot-on about that! There’s not a person who grew up during the early 2000s who hasn’t heard of *NSYNC. Even the Backstreet Boys, another boy band from the era, congratulated the group for getting a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Got to give a shoutout to our brothers in @NSYNC for getting their Hollywood Walk of Fame star today! Congrats guys! ✌🏻

— Backstreet Boys (@backstreetboys) April 30, 2018

The members of *NSYNC had their families and parents to thank for supporting them throughout their musical careers, but they couldn’t have done this without their ever-devoted fans.

“It’s not really about us — we’re happy to be there, but at that point that star is mainly for the fans,” band member JC Chasez told “Entertainment Tonight.” “The fans made this happen … They gave us the opportunity to share our music with people.”

The pop stars also made it a point to thank their fellow bandmates. Timberlake even initiated a group hug after saying he “can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

While the band may or may not be reuniting in the future, it’s clear to see that the love they share for each other is still going strong. They still talk to each other “every day,” according to Lance Bass, after all.

Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was the perfect excuse for them to see each other and celebrate again — with the fans! Ahh, we’ll never say “Bye, bye, bye” to these guys! They’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts, that’s for sure.

As Ashley Iaconetti from “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor In Paradise” put it, when it comes to the love people have for *NSYNC, “We’re never gonna grow up.”

*NSYNC fans are literally booing BSB and Britney Spears at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. We’re never gonna grow up.

— Ashley Iaconetti (@ashleyiaco) April 30, 2018

And it’s as simple as that.