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NPR’s ‘Book Concierge’ Can Help You Find The Perfect Book To Read

Find your next book or the perfect gift!

Finding a great book to read among the millions out there on the shelves can feel a bit like tracking down a needle in a haystack. All of those stories can overwhelm even the most-well read customer. Whether you’re looking for an awesome read for yourself or as a gift for the avid reader in your life, you can now reach out to a book concierge thanks to National Public Radio.

Since 2008, NPR has compiled its Book Concierge at the end of each year to help bibliophiles (the fancy word for book-lovers) narrow down their choices. And, just like any decent concierge, the online service’s job is to guide users to books they enjoy by focusing on their personal interests.

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When you visit the NPR Book Concierge website, you can search 2018’s best books based on categories such as biographies, comics, cookbooks, art, history, kids’ books and more. The NPR staff also lists its favorite books for those who prefer personal recommendations. The concierge has an archive going back to its first year (2008), so you can also search for the top books from the past decade.

Want even more guidance to track down a good book? The Scottish Book Trust Generator is an online, interactive quiz that helps lost readers find their way to books they may not have known existed. Two things stand out with this book generator. First, the questions can either be answered for yourself or for someone else (if you’re looking for the perfect gift). Second, the questions are a little quirky and a lot of fun!

Scottish Book Trust

Based on your responses to this quick online quiz, the book generator gives a list of three or four book recommendations.

Whichbook is another easy-to-use, interactive book recommendation website. This one taps into a reader’s emotions and reading preferences. Do you like short books? Just move the slider over! Want to read a tearjerker? You can narrow your search based on that, too!


With at least a dozen options to customize on the emotional spectrum alone, you can also tweak your search by character traits, plot twists and more! The book recommendations that pop up after your search also provide reader reviews and spoiler-free summaries.

Where do you get your book recommendations?

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