This ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Gender Reveal Cake Prank Is Priceless

Gender reveals are always fun and exciting, but this one was a little extra special due to some extra planning on the mom-to-be’s part. She planned a pretty elaborate prank to fool her husband and their anxious guests, and she pulled it off effortlessly.

So, the idea was that the couple, Jason and Ashley, were going to cut into the top layer of their “The Nightmare Before Christmas” themed cake to reveal the gender of their child. The icing in the center of the cake was going to be either pink or blue.

The guests excitedly awaited for the couple to make the first slice. When they did—they revealed both pink and blue icing. Naturally, the crowd was confused. Were they having twins? Did the cake company make a mistake?

“Wait so what does that mean?” someone asked.

The husband had no idea what was going on, and the wife pretended to be confused, too. But then, out of nowhere Ashley grabs a plate full of pink icing and slams it into her husband’s face. She screams, “It’s a girl!”

Of course, the entire room erupted with laughter! Such a happy moment for everyone, especially these two expecting parents!

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone’s successfully made a gender reveal party even more exciting. Couple Brittany and Timothy shocked their guests by announcing they were having twins. No one was expecting that big of a surprise, just as Jason wasn’t expecting to wind up with pink icing all over his face!

These little pranks make the moment you announce the sex of your baby even more memorable, and we couldn’t love these types of surprises more. Keep the gender reveal pranks coming!

Watch as Ashley fools everyone and start thinking of ways you too could make a gender reveal a little extra special.