These Night Sky Petunias Will Fill Your Garden With Stars

These are so pretty!

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Looking to easily add some galaxy glamour to your home? Consider growing some Night Sky Petunias and bring the sky to the ground!

The deep-colored flowers, which are native to South America, are dark purple with white specs of various sizes. The spots give the appearance of bright stars against the dark hue of the petals. For obvious reasons, these plants are also called galaxy flowers.

The pattern is dependent upon the temperature range you’re growing them in, and regardless, you’ll want to plant them while temps are cool. Warmer weather brings out the purple, and if you want those white stars, you’ll need cool nights. Without cooler overnight temperatures, these blooms won’t get as many white speckles. Keep them consistently cool and they’ll fade to white.


Galaxy flowers come in 35 different species, but their primary colors are purple, white, red, yellow and orange. They are easy to find, especially online, with a pack of seeds costing less than $2 on Amazon.

Night Sky Petunias can reach a height of up to 16 inches in the spring and summer. Their beauty and ability to grow so high make them popular with flower enthusiasts.