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This Baby’s Grumpy Face During Her Newborn Photo Shoot Is Totally Adorable

Someone doesn't like to be photographed!

We all have days when we just don’t feel camera-ready. Likely, baby Luna Musa felt that way, too. Still, her newborn photo shoot has gone viral, not because she looks adorable (although she totally does), but because she looks seriously annoyed to be getting her picture taken.

In the pics shared on social media by Columbus, Ohio, photographer Justine Tuhy, Luna’s mood is obvious — and it’s a bad one. Her dad Christian Musa described it as “mean-mugging.”

“She’s been mean-mugging since day one,” he told “Good Morning America.” “She’s either mean-mugging non-stop, or just unimpressed.”

Despite Luna’s expression, she was actually really easy to shoot, Tuhy revealed.

“She was completely content the entire time,” she said. “She just gave me the staredown the entire time as well.”

In the caption to one of the images Tuhy shared on Instagram, she wrote, “These might just be the best baby facial expressions I have ever captured! Mom and Dad both said she came out with this same face! I just love it!”