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This New Drumstick Cereal Is Almost Like Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast

Ice cream for breakfast? Yes, please!

Drumstick ice cream cones are one of the quintessential treats of summer, especially if you live somewhere where it gets hot outside. The combination of creamy ice cream, crunchy nuts and a crispy waffle cone make Drumsticks a beloved all-American treat.

And, now, it’s even easier for you to embrace your love of Drumsticks, even at breakfast time. General Mills has just released two new Drumstick-inspired cereals that are going to make your mornings a whole sweeter — no ice cream maker required.

These new Drumstick cereals come in two flavors: classic vanilla Drumstick and mint chocolate Drumstick.

An employee at Walmart playfully posed with these new Drumstick cereals at a Cincinnati Walmart location, showing us that the cereals come in both regular and family-size. (Let’s be real, you’re gonna need a family size, even if you’re single and child-free.):