If You’re Juggling Kids And A Job, You Need To Binge Watch This Hilariously Relatable Netflix Show

Moms, you'll love this!

When comedian Catherine Reitman was in the throes of postpartum depression after the births of her children, she struggled with feelings of darkness, desperation and hopelessness. But she also found reasons to laugh.

“One of the few things that brought me relief in these moments of darkness was my ability to imagine sinister things and then laugh at them,” Reitman wrote in Glamour. “I often look back at this period and wish someone had told me that I was experiencing a temporary hormonal state of depression and that by choosing humor, I was in charge of my own off-brand treatment.”

Reitman started writing about her experiences with depression, and eventually converted her pain into comedy with “Workin’ Moms,” a darkly comedic series produced for the Canadian network CBC. The first season of the show is now available exclusively on Netflix, and moms across the U.S. are watching it for the first time and shouting, “Preach!”

The series follows four main characters — Kate (played by Reitman), Frankie, Anne and Jenny — as they navigate the many challenges, joys and bafflements of new motherhood — and particularly the rockiness of returning to work after having a baby. Most of the episodes begin with the characters at a support group, with all the new moms and their babies gathered in a circle to discuss everything from how breastmilk should smell to what kinds of porn they’re into.