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You’re Going To Want To Make This Delicious Cucumber Salad All Year Long

We love this fast, healthy recipe!

Cucumbers are kind of an unloved vegetable. Mostly they’re relegated to sad salad bars and diet blogs, but this crunchy and refreshing veggie deserves more respect.

And this amazingly delicious (and easy!) cucumber salad is exactly the way you should pay homage to the previously unloved cuke.

This dish, from food blog The Kitchn, is the perfect side to any meal. It works just as well with a spicy beef stir fry as it does with delicate grilled fish.

The quick-pickle technique used here is an invaluable one—you can apply it to just about any vegetable you can think of (my favorite is red onion for instantly upgraded taco Tuesdays).

Photo by MDMallett
Photo by MDMallett