More Than 1,000 Corgis Partied On The Beach At Corgi Con—And The Photos Are Amazing

This sounds like a dream come true!

When you picture heaven, what does it look like? For me, it looks something like this: 1,000 Corgis, some in whimsical costumes, frolicking on a beach. Turns out, heaven is a place on earth — it’s the NorCal Corgi Con, and it happened on June 15 in San Francisco.

The fifth annual Con took over Ocean Beach on the western edge of the city, flooding the shoreline with adorableness. There was an astronaut corgi in an “Apawllo 11” space shuttle. Corgi pirates aboard their very own ship. Corgis wearing ski goggles, Corgis dressed as Superman and corgis just being their sassy, low-riding selves.


“Corgis look really funny,” 14-year-old attendee Alaina Roberts told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But corgis don’t know they look really funny.”

Don’t know? Or don’t care?

“Do you see that butt?” said Jonathan Wong in the Chronicle, pointing to his corgi, Bentley. “Now that’s a butt.”


It’s true. Corgis do have very perfect, delightful little butts. For me, though, it’s all about their outsized ears, their expressive faces, and their fearless attitudes.

I mean, look at this — here’s little Gizmo at the Con, wishing everyone a great day from Corgi Con’s official Instagram account: