Mom Sends College Son Trash-Filled Care Package To Make A Point

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Once upon a time a college kid came home for Christmas break and left his mom a big ol’ mess.

That mom, always good for a laugh and tired of cleaning up after her grown son, decided to get even. So she sent him a “care” package with every single bit of trash he left behind—think used dryer sheets, candy wrappers and soda cans. And now she is a hero to moms everywhere.

Seems like the plot of from a “Modern Family” episode, doesn’t it?  But this story is real and blowing up the airwaves at media outlets throughout the country.

It all began when Connor Cox, a Westminster College freshman, posted a photo of his special delivery to Twitter.

“Thought my mom was sending me a care package… but instead she sent me a box of trash I was supposed to take out,” he wrote.

Connor told TODAY Parents he was expecting to open a typical care package full of snacks like “Gushers, Pringles, chips and some protein bars.” But, Connor’s mom, Terri Cox, had other plans: That box was packed full of lessons, stinky, gross lessons.

“Thoughts raced through my mind as to how I could get the idea across that I was not a maid,” she said. “I needed Connor to be responsible for his own trash, and I in no way was willing to haul out his trash. We had agreed his room would be left in the state it was when he arrived home. Connor needed to get the message that his trash is his and he was going to need to dispose of it no matter the cost.”

That cost? Terri told “Fox & Friends” the postage was about $6.50 and well worth it.

We agree! Kids and moms the world over are talking about Terri’s parenting with humor approach.

Her package has Twitter gushing more than those Gushers fruit chews Connor was expecting from his mom.

As for Connor, he has nothing but love for his mom and her sense of humor.

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Twitter/Connor Cox