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M&M’s Is Launching A New Fudge Brownie Flavor—Here’s What We Know So Far

Yum! We're excited to try these!

While I’m not sure anything beats a traditional, chocolatey, candy-coated M&M, the creators of the beloved candy are certainly trying to outdo themselves.

Not even a week ago, they announced that they’ll be offering a brand-new flavor this fall called Creepy Cocoa Crisp, which not only has a perfect name for Halloween, but also sports autumn colors like dark red, orange and brown. Each Creepy Cocoa Crisp candy has a cocoa crisp center, like Rice Krispies cereal, which is then covered in a layer of dark chocolate and, finally, the candy shell.

Food blogger @munchiebunchie from Los Angeles found them on shelves in mid-July and shared this image: