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McDonald’s Just Introduced An Oreo Mint McFlurry

This sounds refreshing and delicious!

Fans of the Shamrock Shake and the Oreo McFlurry take note: McDonald’s is trying out a limited-edition Oreo Mint McFlurry! Though the drink is only available in certain markets, there’s a chance it could roll out to more locations in the future.

Peep THIS Out!‘s Ian K. recently filmed a vlog documenting his reaction to tasting one of these minty, chocolatey treats in the wilds of Southern California for $2.69. And based on his response, we can’t wait to try one of these delicious-sounding new drinks!

mcdonald photo
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

Ian K  described the Oreo Mint McFlurry as tasting like a regular Oreo McFlurry with “a nice mint accent coming up on the backend. It’s pretty lovely.” He also exclaimed over its bright green coloring and thick ice cream texture.

He was a big fan, as seen below at Peep THIS Out!’s YouTube page.

The availability of the Oreo Mint McFlurry is (sadly) limited to Southern California markets right now, including the McDonald’s that Ian K. stopped at.

“The Oreo Mint McFlurry is currently being tested in select restaurants,” McDonald’s said in a statement to Delish. “Staying in touch with consumer preferences is incredibly important so we regularly conduct tests to look at ways we can evolve our menu for customers.”

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Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

As Ian K mentions, this minty, green-hued McFlurry seems like it might be a really great offering for the holidays. So maybe the limited market testing will result in a wider rollout closer to November and December?

Instagram food spotter Markie Devo is hopeful. He shared an ad for the new frozen treat writing, “This has minter written all over it 💯. @mcdonalds will the rest of the world be blessed with this one?”