Luke Perry Is On The Cover Of AARP, And We Officially Feel Old

Luke Perry’s role as Dylan McKay on the original “Beverly Hills, 90201” was the heartthrob of ’90s girls everywhere. With that pensive stare and perfectly imperfect mop of dark hair, he was a modern day James Dean.

And… now he is on the cover of AARP magazine. Wow! That kind of has us trippin’ (Yes, we borrowed some ’90s slang. Our bad. Ah! We did it again.)

Indeed, our very own Dylan McKay is on the cover of the popular magazine for those in their golden years.

Hey, it doesn’t matter if he is 50 years old, he definitely still has “it”!

But can you really blame us for being nostalgic for those days? Those days when the most complicated issue was Brenda versus Kelly? Or whether Dylan was ever going to find out who killed his dad? And what the heck was up with that weird little girl who bilked him out of his money? Or how Kelly turned on him because he didn’t rat out Matt for cheating on her when he was high on LSD? Oh gosh, the good old days!

But, speaking of Luke Perry… his real name actually is NOT Luke Perry. Nope, it’s Coy Luther Perry. Coy. How perfect. Considering he played coy with everyone from Brenda to Gina to the Noxzema girl (Rebecca Gayheart, below). Remember her?

rebecca gayheart photo
Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

Yeah, that gorgeous girl who tricked every last one of us 90s girls into thinking we could look like her if we just used Noxzema. As if!

The good news is that a “Beverly Hills, 90210” reunion could be in the works! Perry says he would be “down” and he loves the cast. Right now, though, the former heartthrob is starring on The CW’s “Riverdale.” He plays a father to a teenager. Pretty full circle, considering “90210”‘s Mr. Walsh was always after Dylan to straighten up and fly right! But we think Perry has the upper hand when it comes to smoldering looks, even as a dad! (No offense, Mr. Walsh! Don’t ground me).

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