Luke Bryan Surprises Wife With Baby Kangaroos For Christmas

He named them after 'Christmas Vacation' characters!

What did your mate get you for the holidays? Chances are, it probably wasn’t a marsupial!

No matter what you received, you might be a little disappointed when you find out that country singer Luke Bryan stunned his wife, Caroline Boyer, with exotic pets for Christmas. The country star gifted his spouse of 11 years with not one, but two, baby kangaroos. He blindfolded her and told her that he got her two designer purses. However, when she opened the bags, she discovered an adorable pair of kangaroos.

Talk about a gift you’d never guess! Check out the video of the sweet surprise below:

Brett’s barn additions. #brettsbarn

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Boyer seemed appropriately stunned at the unusual gift as she exclaimed, “Oh, my God! Where did you get these?”

In the video, Bryan mentions that the kangaroos are “Brett’s barn additions.” He’s referring to a barn on their property that’s dedicated to the couple’s niece, Sadie Brett, who died earlier this year at just 7 months old, due to heart issues and other illnesses. Brett’s Barn is filled with rescue animals, including a goat, pigs and miniature horses. Now, a pair of kangaroos will also call the barn home!

Dear Brett….when your sweet Mama told me of the challenges you might face in life, I was floored when her first words were "I can't handle the thought of someone making fun of her." She never said, "Why me? Why us?" Nothing. Her words were all about you. Protecting you. Loving you with a love that only a Mother knows. Sweet Angel, you changed so many stubborn hearts that most thought were unbreakable. The first time we saw your smile was beyond amazing. You instantly became one of the greatest blessings to the the entire Boyer/Wells/Bryan family. So….to get to my point of the picture….when you were about a month old, I promised you a white pony! I found you one…..along with some other adorable mini animals! Your mom and I hijacked one of your Uncle Luke's barns and started having a little fun with it (thank you sweetie @lukebryan)! We still have a lot of work to do, but it's coming together! "Brett's Barn" is officially in the works. This is all for you Queen Bee. We love you to the moon and back. 👑🐝 #brightforbrett #brettsbarn

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The kangaroos are named Margo and Todd, after the yuppie neighbors of the Griswold family in the classic holiday movie, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Check them out as they chill out by the fireplace while clad in diapers:

“2 Live Roo and Roo Tang Clan are living their best life. Seriously…real names are Margo and Todd. They are adjusting perfectly and beyond sweet and precious. #brettsbarn #christmasvacation #margoandtodd,” the musician wrote.

Too cute!

Fans on Instagram found the charming gift pretty awesome as well.

“Such an awesome husband. They are so cute,” wrote one fan.

“Omg!! So adorable!!❤️” said another.

What a fun Christmas surprise! I hope Margo and Todd love their new home at Brett’s Barn.

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