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KFC Is Making Tacos With Fried-Chicken ‘shells’ In At Least 1 City

These look finger-lickin' good!

Look out, Taco Bell. KFC is getting into the taco game — and the chicken company is also swapping in fried chicken for the taco shell, just like Taco Bell did with its Naked Chicken Chalupa.

That’s right: Fried chicken taco shells are an innovative new offering on the KFC menu, but there is a catch. You’ll have to travel to Singapore to try them.

The aptly named “Kentaco” was recently promoted on the Singapore KFC Instagram page, and it looks downright delicious. The “finger-licking good” taco shell is made with KFC’s signature fried chicken, which is formed into a taco shape and stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes and four different kinds of shredded cheese.