There’s A Mermaid Festival In Key West And It Looks Magical

It's not too late for a last minute trip!

Darling, it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me!

For most people, the weekend after the July 4th holiday will be filled with barbeques, sparklers and pool floaties. For America’s mermaid population, however, it will be a glittery long weekend of fin-flicking celebration at the second annual Key West Mermaid Festival.

Taking place on the Florida archipelago, the three-day festival is a mix of free and ticketed events that promote ocean conservation and celebrate a love of mermaids. Kristi Mills, a Key West native who owns The Captain’s Mermaid, a mermaid-themed boutique selling accessories and beachwear, founded the festival with friends.

She has been a lifelong mermaid-lover, obviously. “Being born and raised in Key West and the granddaughter of a commercial fisherman, my sister and I learned to swim before we could walk or talk and spent the majority of our childhood in the ocean,” she told Coastal Living. “We used to bind our ankles with shoelaces or scarves and pretend that we were mermaids.”

We have to say, just following the festival on Instagram is magical: