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Kevin Smith Lost 20 Pounds In 13 Days On A Potato-Only Diet

In late February, the comedic actor had a massive heart attack. Here's how he lost the weight.

Can you lose weight and eat potatoes? One popular Hollywood star wants people to know it’s possible!

Filmmaker, director and comedian Kevin Smith recently revealed to the “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast that he lost 17 pounds in nine days by eating just potatoes. The eating plan is part of a new way of life for Smith, who was ordered by his doctor to lose 50 pounds following a massive heart attack in February.

Back on Feb. 25, Smith—director of movies such as “Clerks” and TV shows like “Supergirl”—was appearing at a comedy club. After his first set on stage, he wasn’t feeling well and decided to get medical attention. That decision saved his life.

Sudden heart attacks, such as “the widowmaker” that Smith suffered, have a survival rate range of about 12 to 25 percent, according to the American Heart Association. So, Smith knows how lucky he was to have made it.

Once the doctor gave him orders to lose weight, Smith knew he had to take quick and drastic action. He did some research, read Penn Jillette’s book “Presto: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales” and adopted a new food plan (yes, Penn Jillette the magician!).


This plan recommends eating nothing but potatoes for the first two weeks. After those initial two weeks, you can begin to add salads and vegetables into the mix for the next three months. However, the plan does not allow any fruit or nuts.

An extreme eating plan like this isn’t for everyone, and Smith admits it isn’t easy.

“It’s a pretty intense program, but it’s been interesting. And of course necessary for my health and stuff. But once I get to a decent place, then I can think about eating again,” Smith said, according to People.

So far, though, the plan seems to be working. Smith posted an update on Twitter about his weight-loss progress, sharing that he had managed to lose 20 pounds in 13 days:

He also posted a picture on Instagram wearing a jersey he received as a gift to celebrate his victory over his heart attack:

My new jersey commemorating my life & death battle with arch nemesis, The Widow-Maker! This open-heart crest, drawn by @supergirlcw storyboard artist @jeremysimser, was a gift from sweet storyteller @etcarrasco and the @supergirlwriters in the show’s writing room. The card read “A crest to commemorate your big win against the deadliest of foes, the wrathful Widow-Maker. We could’ve made you the man with the Kryptonite heart, but this wasn’t your Kryptonite. We could’ve given you an Arc Reactor, but that’s the competition. And anyway, the best part about you is your heart’s always your own. Wear it on your sleeve, or in this case, smack dab in the center of your jersey. – The Supergirl Writers” Thank you, my Super wordsmiths! I believe, in this jersey, a man can fly! #KevinSmith #supergirl #supergirlwriters

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This isn’t the first time Smith has made a push to change his habits and shed some pounds. Back in 2010, he made a documentary called “Too Fat For 40” after getting kicked off a plane because of his size.

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He shared news of an 85-pound weight loss between 2008 and 2015, which he credited to giving up soda and other sugary drinks and walking for exercise.

Best of luck to Smith as he continues to recover and move forward on his new health journey!

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