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Jennifer Garner Decorated Her Chicken Coop For The Holidays—And It’s Really Cute

These chickens are getting into the holiday spirit!

Jennifer Garner describes herself as a proud “chicken lady,” and apparently being a chicken lady includes making sure your feathered friends don’t feel left out of the festive decorating fun during the holiday season.

The actress recently shared a photo of her backyard chicken coop on Instagram — and its holiday lights game is fierce.

“My ladies wanted me to relay: their halls are bedecked,” Garner captioned the photograph, adding the hashtags #hohoho and #cluckcluckcluck as well as the grandma and chicken emojis. In addition to the multicolored lights, the coop is decorated with two signs, one that reads, “The Lair, Est. 2017,” while the other says, “Fresh Eggs.”