Why This Police Academy Uses Rubber Chickens To Train Cadets

Do you think you could pass this bizarre "chicken test"?

When you sign up to become a police officer, it’s safe to assume you wouldn’t expect rubber chickens to be part of your training regimen.

The cadets training to be cops at the Indiana University Police Academy must pass one unusual-sounding test. It’s called “The Chicken Test.” No, it doesn’t involve live poultry, and it’s not a used to determine if a new recruit is a scaredy cat.

Instead, cadets must stand perfectly still while at attention, something that seems pretty standard for those training to be officers of the law. The twist comes when a police officer squeaks a yellow rubber chicken in each of their faces at random. The goal is for the cadets to remain completely still, quiet and composed, even in the face of this silly prank.

It sounds more like something out of the movie “Police Academy,” rather than the real thing.

If the cadets break and start to smile or laugh, they are forced to do push-ups. “The Chicken Test” may be unorthodox and look ridiculous, but it actually tests a pretty serious trait of any hopeful officer: composure.

Can these young cadets keep their cool in the face of something so outlandish? Check out the video below to see “The Chicken Test” in action.

Some of the cadets manage to maintain a steely gaze, while others can’t help but break into a grin or full-on giggles. Could you pass “The Chicken Test,” or would you crack up the second you heard that squeak?

After seeing that video, we have to wonder whether they run this same test on the guards who stand outside Buckingham Palace—because they never lose their composure.

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.