Floridians Show Off Their Sense Of Humor During Hurricane Irma

Some Floridians took the "laughter is the best medicine" approach to Irma.

Hurricane Irma brought unspeakable tragedy to residents throughout the Caribbean and the affected states in the U.S.

However, while the storm cost people their homes, their possessions and indeed, their lives, survivors in Florida have not allowed their spirits to be dampened. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and several Floridians are proving that old adage true with their determination to hang onto their sense of humor through the devastation.

Sometimes a little comic relief helps get through life’s challenges, and Hurricane Irma is no exception. Check out these hilarious examples of people from the great state of Florida making the best of a bad situation.

This funny take on the ubiquitous “Ermahgherd meme“:

This dad who tried to chase the hurricane away with a broom:

This guy and his dog who hunkered down for the storm:

Lismary Calvo, 18, said the picture is of her dad and dog.

“Even though we are trying to be funny and get some laughs out of people to lighten up the mood, we know this is a very serious storm and we are hoping everyone is staying safe,” Calvo told BuzzFeed News.

This guy who didn’t let the storm stop him from enjoying the beach:

“This is not, again, what the mayor of Miami Beach, who called this a nuclear hurricane, wants to be seeing right now,” the newscaster in the video reminds the audience.

This person who pointed out that a particular hairstyle looks just like the eye of the storm:

These side-by-side photos of people with different priorities preparing for the storm:

This person who proves that things can always get worse:

This guy who used the “other girl” meme to poke fun at the hurricane:

These cakes that just might be necessary to binge-eat because of storm stress:

This map that shows your best bet is to leave the entire state:


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