Man Put A Window In The Fence So His Dogs Could See Their Friends

Say it with us—awwwwww!

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How would you feel if your best pal lived right on the other side of the fence, but you could never actually see each other and just had to yell over the fence to communicate? You’d probably be a little frustrated, right?

That was the struggle for three dogs who wanted to socialize with a canine friend on the other side of the fence. The dogs on either side of the fence used to run along chasing each other and curiously peering through the slats of the fence, trying to get a look at one another, according to Shareably.

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Fortunately, their very considerate human, a Reddit user named Ryanispiper, came up with a very creative solution for his three dogs’ dilemma. He added a window to the fence at just the right height for the dogs to peer through!

dog fence window

“The dogs really do enjoy it. They go out each morning and visit with each other if they are all out together. They still chase each other along the fence line, but I think they are happier actually seeing who they are chasing,” he said on Shareably. “They give each other some puppy love and sometimes just stare or bark at each other a bit.”

Of course, there are two sides to every fence, which means humans on either side as well. Ryanispiper added on Reddit, “The neighbor was cool with it when I discussed it with him after I told him that my dog was trying to eat his way through the fence to play with his dog.”

It’s a terrific idea to give your furry friend a look at their furry friend, or at the world in general.

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Though sometimes it doesn’t quite work out the way you hoped.


There are different kinds of windows, too. Check out this bubble porthole kinda thing, which is called the Pet Peek and is sold on Amazon.

This Is Why I'm Broke

This Is Why I'm Broke

Here’s a tutorial on how to build your own fence window. Your pooch will be so grateful for the view!


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