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How To Use Brownie Mix To Make Waffles

We don't know if it's dessert or breakfast, but we want some!

What is it about the waffle? It might just be the perfect food, right? I think it’s the combination of its size and shape that makes it ideal for so many kinds of uses. Whether square or round, waffles can be portable and filled with so many delicious things. They are easy to pick up and eat, too.

And, while the classic recipe is always a good go-to, many people are seeing their waffle irons in a new way and getting creative. Why stick with the traditional when you can make other amazing treats, like waffle brownies? And, it’s so simple: You can use a boxed brownie mix to get the job done.

All you need to do is grab your waffle iron, a box of brownie mix (I like Duncan Hines for mine, but take your pick!) and follow the directions on your box with one simple addition: an extra egg. Brownies typically use fewer eggs than normal cakes, which is what makes their texture a little more dense and chewy.

However, waffles should be light and airy with a little crispiness on the outside. One extra egg is all you need to give your brownies enough lift to make them in the waffle iron without having a mess to clean up after.

You’ll also want to spray your waffle maker well when using brownie mix. The brownie waffles will still be a little sticky when they’re done, and you want to make sure they’ll lift out of the iron. I learned this lesson the hard way when most of my first batch of brownie waffles were cemented into the appliance!

Instagram user @cookiethefoodie tried these tricks at home with her kids and they worked like a charm. The family decided they didn’t want to wait a whole hour for a pan of brownies, so they chose to make waffle sticks and they seemed to turn out perfectly.