How To Do Your Own Beauty Touch-Ups At Home During The Coronavirus Closures

Many of us are now overdue for a haircut!

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I was due for a hair appointment, pedicure and a facial this week — a quarterly routine I refer to as my “30,000-mile tune-up.” Of course, with hair and beauty salons closed amid the coronavirus shutdowns, many of us — myself included — are now attempting DIY beauty maintenance at home.

While we may be sheltering in place, there’s something to be said for the “look good, feel good” mantra that warrants a quality at-home manicure or root touch-up, right? Or, it may just be that those overgrown bags are blocking your eyes and are just one more thing that’s driving you crazy.

To help coach you through some common beauty touch-ups you can do at home, we called in the experts. Here are their best tips for seven common beauty scenarios.

The Problem: Overgrown Bangs

While you may be able to go another month or so without a full hair cut, your bangs need regular trimmings or else they become curtains blocking your eyes.

The fix: Gather up your tools: A comb, hair clip (even a bobby pin will work), and a pair of small scissors — but absolutely no kitchen scissors, says Isabel Azocar, a stylist with Ian McCabe Studio. Experts recommend you cut your bangs while they’re dry because, that way, you’ll get the best sense for how your hair falls.


Section your bangs horizontally, securing the top half with a clip or bobby pin. Instead of cutting straight across (you have no room for error that way!), Azocar recommends point cutting, which is when you keep the scissors pointed vertically as you shear. This way, you can slowly but accurately trim your bangs.

Start in the middle, point cutting your way to each side, she says. Then, once you’ve completed the bottom layer, let down the top section and comb it all together. Let your bottom layer be your guide as you repeat the point cutting process across the top layer of your bangs.

A final tip: Be conservative with your cutting because you can always do more trimming, but it takes your bangs a while to recover from a blunt cut!

If you need a visual, one of our contributors successfully trimmed her own bangs at home this weekend by following this step-by-step on Instagram from user streicherhair.