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Whipped Strawberry Milk Is The Pretty New Drink People Are Making At Home

If you've been loving whipped coffee, you're going to want to try this new drink!

Have you jumped on the dalgona coffee bandwagon yet? I have — and I love it! This deliciously creamy drink, which was introduced to many back in January by Korean actor Jung Il-Woo via a television show called “Pyungstorang,” has become quite the pandemic food trend, second only perhaps to bread-baking, with versions appearing all over Instagram and other social media sites. I myself am guilty of posting an image of the easy-to-make drink online, except my version floats atop chocolate oat milk instead of regular because I apparently don’t know how to buy things properly.

My accidental version isn’t the only variation out there, though — people are getting creative with this coffee variation. And now there’s a new version that looks prettier and is even easier to make than the four-ingredient beverage that everyone’s been frothing up: whipped strawberry milk.

One version, posted to Instagram by @sweetportfolio, truly could not be simpler to replicate. It uses one part Nesquik strawberry milk powder to four parts heavy cream, whipped by hand. Put your mixture on top of a glass of milk and you’re all set!