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How To Make Layered Pina Coladas

They're almost too pretty to drink!

We can’t think of a better time for a colorful, tasty and boozy beverage than this social-distancing summer.

Enter Triple-Layer Pina Coladas, a drink recipe that Delish released several years ago. It’s been recirculating online as the heat of the summer (and the moment) increases.

This blended drink involves pineapple, strawberry and peach layers, each laced with rum and other sweet ingredients.

You blend each fruit layer separately and pour them one at a time. The drink is frozen between pouring each layer so that they will stay separated. Delish also recommends using the back of a spoon to pour the second and third layers so that they fall more gently and don’t mix.

For a martini-style take on the tropical beverage, I’m Bored Let’s Go made a Pina Colada-tini that gets its striking look by drizzling blue curacao over a rum-pineapple-cream of coconut mixture. The blue curacao sinks to the bottom for an ombre effect.

Here’s @imboredletsgo’s creation on social media: