Here’s How Your Kids Can Text Santa This Year

Gone are the days when you could only get your wish list to the North Pole via the U.S. Postal Service or through one of Santa’s helpers at the local mall. While kids can, of course, still mail their letters, Santa has gone high-tech and is now more reachable than ever.

For one, kids can call Santa at 951-262-3062, though it goes directly to voicemail because, hey, Santa’s a busy guy. But if your kiddos would rather not rely upon voicemail — and would get a kick out of receiving few messages back from the big guy — they can now choose to send him a text message instead!

SlickText, a mass text message marketing platform that specializes in helping businesses and organizations communicate through SMS message, has launched a brand new service called  The Santa Texting Project just in time for the holidays. Those behind the project will send your kids Christmas jokes, sayings, recipes and facts via text throughout the month of December to help make the Christmas season even more exciting. The service is free, though data and messaging rates may apply if you do not have unlimited texting.

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Getty Images | Lisa Maree Williams

Starting Dec. 1, Santa will text approximately once every five days, then once a day in the final week leading up to Christmas. To sign up, all you have to do is head to SlickText’s website and leave your name and phone number. You can then choose whether you want the texts to be for an adult, child or senior because, after all, we could all use a little holiday magic!

I signed up to test it out and immediately got a text confirming my registration. After replying with “YES,” I received a confirmation text from Santa himself writing that I would begin receiving messages on Dec. 1.

SlickText says Santa’s text list will not be shared with any outside entities and will be deleted on Dec. 26, so you don’t need to worry about anyone other than Santa getting your phone number.


If your kids are too shy to talk to Santa himself, they can do what kids have been doing for decades and simply track his sleigh! Santa tracking began in 1955 when a typo in a newspaper meant to reach Santa actually went to Continental Air Defense Command, now known as NORAD. The good sports at NORAD working that night played along and thus a new tradition was born.

In the years since, NORAD’s Santa tracking capabilities have gotten some high-tech upgrades and can now be viewed online and on mobile apps. You can even ask your Alexa-enabled device to track his sleigh in real-time on Christmas Eve night!

Will you or your child be signing up to receive texts from Santa this holiday season?