Here’s Why Travel To Europe Is Getting Cheaper

If you’ve been wanting to finally take that trip to London or Paris, now is your chance. Airfare rates to Europe are dropping, as Business Insider reports, as the market for European travel has recently softened due to recent events such as the Brexit and concerns about terrorism.

Discount airlines such as Wow Air and Norwegian Air have been offering budget-conscious fares, and Delta recently announced the possibility of similar no-frills fares on European routes to compete with these airlines. These low fares may be inexpensive, but they also offer no advance seat selection, no changes or refunds and no upgrades. American and United are working on these types of rates domestically, with the potential for them to incorporate trans-Atlantic routes as well.

Demand for European travel is currently low, which is driving the prices down now, but you should act fast — the pricing won’t last forever. These airlines will likely raise prices again by doing things like cutting flights to realign supply with demand.

As long as you’re willing to get assigned your seat at the last minute, pay for your meal (or bring your own) and go during the off season, you can finally make that trip to the Eiffel tower that you’ve been dreaming about.

As the New York Times reports, the addition of low-cost carrier routes (as well as the less rosy factor of Zika virus concerns) are contributing to lower airfare costs to certain islands in the Caribbean as well. Norwegian Air and Southwest Airlines are currently offering low-cost flights to destinations such as Cuba, Aruba, Belize, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

That’ll be welcome news as the winter months descend upon us.

Photo by Moyan_Brenn