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How To Make Red Wine Hot Chocolate For The Perfect Cold Weather Drink

Step up your cozy game with a mug of red wine hot chocolate!

Winter is the ideal time for having a lazy night in and cozying up on the couch — and what better way to do that than with some red wine and hot chocolate?

Choosing between the two delicious drinks can be difficult. But luckily, you don’t have to anymore. Blogger Yeah Immaeatthat has an awesome recipe to make your own chocolatey cup of red wine, and boy, does it look decadent. If you’re into rich desserts, this drink may be just what you’ve been looking for.

It’s pretty much the perfect thing for winding down after a long day. But the best part? It only takes a few minutes to make.

Instagram user sjazmine_ summed it up nicely, writing “Red wine + hot chocolate — need I say more?”