Here’s How To Make DIY Vinegar Cleaner That Actually Smells Good

Finally! The cleaning power of vinegar without the nasty smell.

Spring cleaning season is now in full force, and if you’ve been trying to find the best natural and budget-friendly ways to clean your home, you’ve no doubt come across the recommendation to use plain old white vinegar. But, while you might be sold on vinegar’s effectiveness as a cleaner, you probably also struggle to get past its rather potent, and not so pleasant, smell.

Thankfully though, there are DIY bloggers who’ve come up with a solution: DIY Orange Vinegar Cleaner

This cleaner offers not only an affordable way to clean, but it’s easy to make, will leave your home looking spotless, and smells great.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Orange Peels—Feel free to throw in lemon or lime peels, too. It’s completely up to you.
  • White Distilled Vinegar—You’ll need enough to fill up a Mason jar or two, so it might be worth spending the extra $1 to get a bigger jug.
  • Mason Jars—You can typically find new ones for around $1 at stores like Michael’s Art & Crafts, or you might be able to pick a few up at your local thrift store.
  • An Empty Spray Bottle—Pick up a new spray bottle at your local grocery store or a dollar store or reuse an empty one at home.
Photo by fred_v
Photo by fred_v
Photo by fred_v