Here’s How To Make DIY Polka Dot Paper Lanterns [Video]

How fun are these?!

Stringed lights are always a pretty way to decorate your home or an outdoor patio, and paper lanterns can make them even more colorful and exciting. But you don’t have to run to the party store or Chinatown to get some paper lanterns of your own. If you’ve got some old Christmas lights, and some paper towel rolls in your recycling bin, then you can go ahead and make some paper lanterns at home, and it won’t cost you very much at all. With just some wire, tissue paper, a hole punch and some glue, you can make beautiful lit-up decorations that make a great decoration for an outdoor soiree or party.

You can choose to make your lanterns all the same color, or you can mix and match for a multicolored string of lights. You can also experiment with different shaped hole punches in addition to using stars — feel free to get creative!

Here’s how you can make some polka-dot paper lanterns on your own at home:


  • Paper towel rolls
  • White spray paint
  • Tacky glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Star-shaped hole punch
  • Thumb tack
  • White Christmas lights


1. Cut the paper towel rolls into 2 1/2 inch sections.

2. Spray paint the tubes white, and then let them dry.

3. Using your hole puncher, punch star-shaped holes into the tubes.

4. Cut tissue paper into approximately 3″ x 5″ strips. 

5. Roll the tissue paper strips into the shape of a tube, and glue inside the paper towel rolls using tacky glue. Trim the excess paper off of the ends.

6. Using the thumb tack, make 2 small holes into opposite sides of the top of the lantern. 

7. String the floral wire through the holes, making sure to tie the wire to the Christmas lights. Continue to string all of the lanterns together.

8. Turn on the lights, and enjoy!

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.