Here’s How To Get A Small Frosty For Just $0.50 At Wendy’s

Summer doesn’t have to end — at least, that’s Wendy’s motto. To prove that you’ll be able to keep the summertime spirit alive a little longer, they’re offering their Frosty dessert for just $0.50 for a limited time.

The deal is good for chocolate or vanilla Frosty flavors and is valid at participating Wendy’s locations, according to the fast-food chain’s website. It’s not clear exactly when this deal ends, so you’d better hurry if you’re super interested in scoring a cheap Frosty!

Wendy’s posted about the deal on Twitter telling people to “Grab that piggy bank:”

Once the word was out, Frosty fans couldn’t help but Tweet about their excitement to take advantage of this deal:

“Brb, gonna go grab a few of these,” Twitter user @TheRealSuiBias wrote.

Twitter user @dawn_able said, “And here I thought I couldn’t love a Frosty any more than I already do — you gotta go and prove me wrong”:

Some are already planning on purchasing multiple, given how cheap these ice cream treats are. Twitter user @Pickles3Mr is getting one chocolate and one vanilla:

But, if you can’t decide which flavor you want and don’t want to commit to spending a full dollar, Wendy’s says you can ask for a little of both:

Customizable and cheap? It doesn’t get better than this!

So, is Wendy’s the best fast food chain to ever exist? This deal might just help you find your answer! Head over to your nearest Wendy’s to take advantage of the deal while it lasts.

Frosty goodness awaits!