Here’s A Totally Doable 10-Minute Morning Workout Challenge For Beginners

If you’re one of the many millions of people who have decided you’re going to slim down this year, we’ve found the perfect solution for you to jumpstart your resolution: The seven-day 10-minute morning workout challenge from Skinny Ms. Not only will this quick workout make you feel great, but is attainable—which means you’ll have a better chance of actually sticking to your resolution this year!

It’s important to do this mini-workout in the morning. Getting up and working out first thing in the morning means you have yet to deplete your energy store, allowing you to  push harder.

Another advantage to getting that workout done first thing is that it’ll most certainly kickstart your metabolism, making that short 10-minute workout go the extra mile.

And, let’s not forget that an additional benefit to working out in the morning is that it helps establish a routine. While most people have good intentions to workout later in the day, sometimes a busy day can throw a real curveball, leaving you either exhausted or scrambling to check off a few more things on your to-do list before bed.

Need more incentive to exercise in the morning? According to, 90 percent of people who exercise consistently complete their workouts in the morning.

Ready to take the challenge? Let’s do this!

Things you’ll need:

  1. Workout mat or towel you can place on the floor
  2. An interval timer

Here’s a free interval timer app from iTunes that you can download for your phone.

Here’s a handheld interval timer from Amazon.

Interval timer, $12.96

What you need to do:

Set your interval timer for 40 seconds of exercise and then 20 seconds of rest in-between. You’ll need to complete both moves listed for each day, then repeat them four additional times for a total of five rounds.

Here are the exercises Skinny Ms. recommends doing each day of the weeklong challenge. Of course, feel free to play around with the order and find out what works best for you. The goal is to establish a routine that you’ll stick to!


1. Walking Lunges
2. Squats


1. Toe Touches
2. Leg Lifts


1. Plank Hip Twists
2. Push-Ups


1. Walking Lunges
2. Mountain Climbers


1. Squats
2. Alternating Reverse Lunges


1. Toe Touches
2. Leg Lifts


1. Plank Hip Twists
2. Push-Ups

It’s important to execute each move with proper form. Not only will it help prevent injuries, but it also ensures you’ll get the most out of your workout. If you’re unsure how to do some of the moves, head over to SkinnyMs to learn the proper form for each one.